Manage your personal and small business finances with Ledger. Record complex transactions including transfers and splits. Take a photo, choose a contact, and save a location. Generate financial reports including balance sheets and income statements, and print and email reports from inside the app.

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Available on the App Store

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Email us at support@ledgerapp.com.

Development update

For everyone wondering about the next update, iCloud support is the focus. I have been busy educating myself about how the system works, and making changes across the app to support it.

Financial Reports

Generate balance sheets, income statements, general ledgers, and trial balances, complete with custom date ranges. Send reports as formatted emails or as attachments. You can even print from Ledger through AirPrint.

Photos, Contacts, and Locations

Take a photo, choose a contact, and save a location when recording transactions.

Integrated Calculator

Perform complex calculations while entering amounts with the integrated calculator.

Double-Entry Accounting

For accounting gurus, Ledger is a double-entry bookkeeping system.

Closing and Archiving

When you finish your taxes, close your accounts and archive your transactions.

Password Protection

Protect your finances from prying eyes with built-in password protection.